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Your intention is so strong. When your message is clear to yourself, and it is coming from your truth, your heart… it is even stronger.

Did you know that being born as a human being is a gift. You could of been born as a bird, a puppy, or a lady bug. But no, you chose to incarnate into this world as a human being and you are a gift! You are powerful, you are complicated, and you can do good on this earth or you can do evil. You have a very strong magical power, and that is the power to manifest!

Our intentions are critical, sending a pure signal to the Universe is critical.

Here are the 8 steps to get straight with how to make intentions turn into your reality… in the way I have experienced it.

The 8 STEPS:

1. Know that you are a gift. What is the perspective you have of yourself? Are you a victim, a co-dependent, or a GIFT? Let me tell you what I know for sure, you are a gift. Every human being has the power to manifest!

2. Set you intention each morning. Write it down specifically and then look at your outline each morning. Then, let go of how it is supposed to show up. The GRAND MYSTERY is activated and starting to work, now.

3. Feel your intention in your heart as a soft breeze. It is always there. It does not feel like a storm or a needy goal…it is not aggressive, it is a knowing.

4. Visualize your intention clearly. See it every morning as if it were already here. See it in your house, driving in your car, at work and with you after work. Oh yes, it is right with you.

5. Emotionally feel it. Every morning feel the value you have by having this intention and feel the value others feel by you having this intention.

6. Let go of any expectation of exactly how it is supposed to show up in your life.

7. The Universe will test you to see if you are truly serious about your intention. You will fall down.
Will you get back up?
Yes, get back up and take action, then take action again.
Then, take action again. Consistent action is key.

8. Birth it.

And, this is the process that has worked for me. I did this as I created the luxury retreat side of my coaching business. I visualized doing yoga by the ocean, and life coaching in a family style format – having deep, intimate conversation over dinner in a luxury home.
June of 2015 was my first retreat in Half Moon Bay, I sold out. I just completed my second retreat on in Jan. 2016 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I was scarred, it took a ton of effort and money up front…but I did it. I have created more love and value in my tribe, and I am very proud of myself. You will be too.

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The next Luxury Yoga & Life Coaching Retreat is in Tahoe June 23 – 26, 2016! Watch for early bird (special pricing) at the end of Feb. 2016.

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