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Are you holding yourself back?

One of the things you will find when you start your morning meditation practice is that you have to “make time” to do it, and you cannot be super tired or even a little tired, or you will fall right back to sleep in your chair.

The hardest part about doing 20 minutes of morning meditation is just that, doing it. And, doing it consistently every single morning.

As you start to discover that you are the creator of your reality, your life, and your day…that you actually get to design and create your days (that you are not a victim in any area of your life (money, body image, health, relationships, career, life purpose, travel, fun, etc.), you start to get super excited about your morning ritual of meditation. In the beginning, you will manifest something small (a surprise experience over the weekend, a nearby parking space, a person at Safeway will offer you there spot in line, etc.). And, you say to yourself, “OMG there is something to this quantum physics and epigenetics stuff.” Keep doing it. Keep mastering yourself with your morning meditation. Things will start to happen in a good way. You may drop weight, make more money, laugh more with friends, even find your soul mate.

When you complete your morning meditation, you will get up off your chair and your brain waves will have shifted. Your brain waves prior to meditation were in high beta. This is called being or feeling “stressed out” or “anxious.” During meditation your brain waves shift and slow down, first to alpha, then theta (twilight phase), then delta (almost asleep), and even gamma (super consciousness). Your brain, heart and body become more coherent and calm.

When the brain waves are coherent, the heart is coherent. When the heart is coherent, you are at your best self, you are more giving, you are nicer, and you are less self focused and self absorbed.

Then fantastically good things start to happen to you. Magically you start seeing results manifest in your day. The quantum field comes to you, it meet you directly and delivers to you what you want.

Oops, but then you stop your new morning ritual. You stop getting up early and making the time for meditation. You go back to the old you, your old habits, and soon before you know it, 3-4 days have gone by and you are not meditating. You are hitting the snooze button on your alarm at least 2-3 times, and you are rushing out of your house like a mad man or woman. Now, you are back to a crazy brain, an incoherent brain, a brain that if we took a scan of it would show high beta waves which are associated with stress, anxiety, fear and worry. Not cool. This is not a place where you will be calm enough to be creative and resourceful during the day. Instead, you will be testy, reactive and the next time someone cuts you off on the road, or sends you a challenging email, you will lose your temper and start swearing out loud. Sound familar?

So, I ask you:
Are you holding yourself back?
Are you spinning your wheels?

Spinning Your Wheels 4

Spinning Your Wheels 3


Spinnin Your Wheels 3

For me, as a Life Coach and Leader in Mind Body Health, I want to grow quickly, at an exponential rate. I want to progress and I want to do it quickly.

How fast do you want to progress? Again, it’s all about you, your intention and what you want.

Here is what I suggest, “Do your 20 minutes of morning meditation, strengthen your mental frame, become a stronger person with a
stronger personality.” Meditation is the practice of rehearsal, and practice makes perfect. When you wake up and set your clear intentions for the day, you grow and become a new, stronger, better you.
Master yourself, master you and especially your lifestyle choices.

Where are you dependent/addicted? Where are you on the “hamster wheel of life?” Here are some of the lifestyle pitfalls of myself and my clients:

1. Drinking alcohol excessively or moderately, but regularly.
(red wine can creep into my lifestyle too regularly & I find myself tired and spinning my wheels). I will go into detail about the ill effects of alcohol down below. The news is not pretty, alcohol is an energy vampire.

2. Spending too much time “other” focused (on your kids, or an intimate relationship). Codependency is an energy vampire.

3. Over doing daily FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest = Social Media
Energy vampire.

4. Distracting yourself with overeating foods, especially addictive sugar and processed carbohydrates. Energy vampire.

5. All addictions, shopping, gambling, computer dating, sex, porn,
over spending. Energy vampire.

Take a cold, hard, conscious look at what personal choices and lifestyle habits are keeping you on the hamster wheel. Make a note and
circle all that apply to you. Then work privately with your meditation practice and hire a coach. Get support each week, you will see results much faster and everyone needs an accountability buddy to stay on track. We are not meant to grow alone or on an island. Human beings are herd animals and we do much better sharing in community and working together to reach common objectives.

A little more on alcohol and it isn’t pretty.
Make drinking the exception versus the rule.

1. The worst thing for sleep.
1-4 drinks will decrease your REM sleep during the first half of the
night and then the second half of the night due to frequent trips to the bathroom (where your liver is hard at work, de-toxing your body).
REM sleep is important for consolidating memories and learning from the previous day. It aides in cellular growth, repair and recovery.

Fragmented sleep causes daytime symptoms of decreased concentration
and excessive sleepiness during the day.

2.  People who snore or have sleep apnea will have more muscle relaxation of their airway muscles. Drinking will worsen their snoring and breathing at night, impacting sleep quality and daytime function.

Women absorb more alcohol per drink than men. They also are not as good at metabolizing it. Women have less of the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase, so they do not break down alcohol as effectively.

3. No nutritional value.
Ethanol, the type of alcohol found in drinks has toxic metabolic
byproducts called acetaldehyde and acetate. Both by-products create the
queasy nauseous feeling you get when you’ve have too many units of
alcohol for your personal body.

4. Disrupts your digestion.
Weekly or nightly, chronic ingestion of 1-4 drinks of alcohol
can disrupt your digestion, making it difficult for your body to absorb
nutrients like amino acids and B vitamins.

Alcohol is a toxin, it damages the stomach and intestinal lining of the gut.
Causing leaky gut symptoms and inflammation.

It impairs protein synthesis and increases muscle break down
(not great if you have been hitting the gym, you can negate 1 weeks
worth of training in 1 night of drinking 2-5 drinks).

Increases weight, body fat (especially belly fat).
1 unit of alcohol, takes one hour to metabolize.
3 units (I pint of beer) takes 3 hours to metabolize.
3 units (8 oz. wine) takes 3 hours to metabolize.
While your liver is working hard to metabolize this drug, food breakdown
in not occurring. The food you ingest prior, during and after drinking
alcohol will be more readily stored at fat.

5.  Lowers testosterone.
Studies show that drinking 2-3 beers per day can lower
one’s testosterone levels by

6.  Alcohol inhibits your consciousness and judgment because it effects
your central nervous system. It lowers motor skill function .
It stimulates you appetite, you eat too much food and make poor choices.

7. Alcohol causes cortisol to rise in the brain and the body.
Alcohol stimulates ACTH in the brain which induces cortisol.
Cortisol is the negative, stress hormone.

8. Alcohol lowers your immune system and increases overall
body inflammation so you are more prone to colds and getting sick.

It’s time to become a master manifestor!
It’s time to bridge personal goals with family and business objectives.

If you are curious to know more about my 1-1 coaching programs or
my corporate team solutions PURE and PURE PLUS, send an
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You are worth it!

Warm Regards,
Melissa Redd

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