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Your intention is so strong. When your message is clear to yourself, and it is coming from your truth, your heart… it is even stronger.

Did you know that being born as a human being is a gift. You could of been born as a bird, a puppy, or a lady bug. But no, you chose to incarnate into this world as a human being and you are a gift! You are powerful, you are complicated, and you can do good on this earth or you can do evil. You have a very strong magical power, and that is the power to manifest!

Our intentions are critical, sending a pure signal to the Universe is critical.

Here are the 8 steps to get straight with how to make intentions turn into your reality… in the way I have experienced it.

The 8 STEPS:

1. Know that you are a gift. What is the perspective you have of yourself? Are you a victim, a co-dependent, or a GIFT? Let me tell you what I know for sure, you are a gift. Every human being has the power to manifest!

2. Set you intention each morning. Write it down specifically and then look at your outline each morning. Then, let go of how it is supposed to show up. The GRAND MYSTERY is activated and starting to work, now.

3. Feel your intention in your heart as a soft breeze. It is always there. It does not feel like a storm or a needy goal…it is not aggressive, it is a knowing.

4. Visualize your intention clearly. See it every morning as if it were already here. See it in your house, driving in your car, at work and with you after work. Oh yes, it is right with you.

5. Emotionally feel it. Every morning feel the value you have by having this intention and feel the value others feel by you having this intention.

6. Let go of any expectation of exactly how it is supposed to show up in your life.

7. The Universe will test you to see if you are truly serious about your intention. You will fall down.
Will you get back up?
Yes, get back up and take action, then take action again.
Then, take action again. Consistent action is key.

8. Birth it.

And, this is the process that has worked for me. I did this as I created the luxury retreat side of my coaching business. I visualized doing yoga by the ocean, and life coaching in a family style format – having deep, intimate conversation over dinner in a luxury home.
June of 2015 was my first retreat in Half Moon Bay, I sold out. I just completed my second retreat on in Jan. 2016 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I was scarred, it took a ton of effort and money up front…but I did it. I have created more love and value in my tribe, and I am very proud of myself. You will be too.

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The next Luxury Yoga & Life Coaching Retreat is in Tahoe June 23 – 26, 2016! Watch for early bird (special pricing) at the end of Feb. 2016.

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Personal Identity – A CHANGE?

What is your personal identity? What do you call yourself? What do you say to yourself with that quiet, inner voice?
Do you say, “I am a Firewoman, An Author, A Full-Time Mother, An Office Staff Worker, A Public Speaker, A Certified Public Accountant, A Go Green Attorney, A Healer, or, I am not much of anything? The list can go on and on. Is it uplifting for you?

Did you know that the way in which you speak to yourself is what you are and what you will become? I have a famous, “right on the money” saying, and that is, “Be careful of your thoughts, they become words, be careful of your words, they become actions, be careful of your actions, they become habits, be careful of your habits, they become your destiny at the bank, in your relationships and with your body. I borrowed that from World Renowned, Cognitive Behavior Therapist, and Therapist on the show Millionaire Matchmaker, Dr. Pat Allen.

What if I told you , you CAN change your personal identity, your personal definition of yourself, just by CHANGING the STORY you are telling yourself Yes, this is true!

Learn to release negative emotions, improve hip strength, improve hip opening, and improve hip function.

The Center Splits – Samakonasana

1.  Stretches the hips and groin area

2.  Provides strength to the hip joint and cures pain in that region

3.  Releases deeply stored up negative emotions such as fear, guilt and sadness

There are so many reasons to do hip-opening poses: Supple hips can ease back pain, give you a more agile gait, and even improve circulation in your legs. But there’s a more subtle benefit to hip openers, too: We hold stress and negative emotions—such as fear, guilt, and sadness—in our pelvis, says  “You know your junk drawer at home?” she asks. “The pelvis is like the body’s junk drawer. Whenever you don’t know what to do with a feeling or experience, you put it there.”  Says, Stephanie Snyder.

Snyder designed the following sequence to move your ball-and-socket hip joint through its full range of motion. When you do it regularly, you may see improvement in the rest of your practice, since the pelvis is the foundation of alignment in many poses. Here are some things to remember as you do the sequence. Take your time with opening your hips, because hip ligaments are strong. “Don’t push yourself,” Snyder advises. “Be receptive to the breath moving into the pose.” If you have a knee injury, modify the seated poses by straightening your bottom leg, and practice poses on your back. At the same time, don’t avoid difficulty. People often dread hip openers because they are such a challenge. “Don’t look away from tight places,” Snyder says. “Be present without judgment. You can really make this a delicious practice.”

Utthan Pristhasana (Lizard Pose)

From Down Dog, step your right foot between your hands to a lunge position. Bring both forearms to the floor inside the right leg. Keep your inner left thigh lifting and resisting. As your left heel reaches back, your heart opens forward to create length in your upper back. You can modify the pose by bringing your back knee down or placing your forearms on a block. Stay for 8 breaths. Switch sides.

Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose), variation

From sitting, stack your right knee on top of your left. Your feet should be in about the same place on either side. Keep your feet active. Inhale to lift and lengthen you spine. You can stay here or you can fold forward by reaching your arms in front of you and resting your head near your knees. Keep rooting your sitting bones into the earth as you allow the front of your hips to soften into the body. Stay for 5 to 8 breaths. Switch sides.

Frog Pose

From all fours, bring your forearms to the floor. You can put a blanket under each knee for padding. Widen your knees, one at a time, as far apart as possible and bend them so that your thighs and your shins are at 90-degree angles. Flex your feet. Keep your front ribs in, your waist long, and your tailbone down. Take 5 to 10 long, deep breaths through this challenging and effective hip opener.

Have a wonderful week! And get a cat nap in!
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Melissa Redd, YogaKitty