Melissa Redd is the founder of Redd Coaching. She is a Leader in Mind, Body Health and a Change Agent.  She is a Certified Life Coach from (The Coaches Training Institute of Marin), she has a Bachelors of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition and she teaches transformation of The Body, The Mind, and Relationships through her 5 STEP PROGRAM called “The Happiness Project.”

Having experienced cycles of co-dependency and addiction as a young adult, she then turned herself around to follow her joy and life purpose (keep in mind you can be addicted to a relationship (an unhealthy partner that is chronically bringing you down or full of drama), a substance (sugar, quick carbohydrates, alcohol, prescription drugs, or street drugs), a daily negative mental process that is constantly on going in your head; negative thinking such as victim thinking, critical thinking, perfectionistic thinking, judgmental thinking or narcissistic thinking. Melissa spent 8 years of her life in a negative, unhealthy, codependent relationship in her 20’s and then early 30’s (that man, she married and then later divorced), then she spent another 5 years in another negative, co-dependent relationship in her mid 30’s – where she was engaged again, but thankfully called it off. These intimate relationships were her biggest teachers, the real life playing field where she fell down, down into deep depths of pain. BUT, this is where her life lessons began! She felt the deep, daily pain and promised, oh did she promise herself, that she would never again choose “him.” She would choose HER. She chose MELISSA! Knowing now, that there has to be and “I”, before there is a “WE”, before there is an “US”. Melissa learned her lessons, she changed what she was attracted to, she came out the other side, healthier and stronger! Melissa became a MASTER in the thought process that one does not have to choose drama and that one can choose happiness each day. Now, in her early 40’s she chooses healthy, loving, conscious, equal partnerships. She teaches the 3’C’s of a healthy relationships: Chemistry, Compatibility and Communication. Also, daily, she practices mind body techniques such as meditation, and present moment rituals to help keep her mindful and out of her OLD red wine and sugar addictive habits.

Her mission is to help women and men release difficulties, stress, problems and traumas to become the peaceful, productive, happy, individuals that they truly are.  Clients say her approach to coaching is strong, quick, positive and straightforward. 

Melissa uses coaching processes, meditation, guided visualization, archetype imagery, Shamanic astrology, and state change tools to help her clients have radical transformations, become happy, and LIVE THEIR GREATNESS.  Melissa is a Certified Coach, Certified Group Exercise Instructor, Certified Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Teacher, Change Agent, Intuitive Leader and Animal Lover.

Office:  Neurolink Chiropractic

177 Bovet Rd. Ste. 150, San Mateo, CA 94402

Ph:  650-346-3315