Yoga is a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practice developed in India more than 5,000 years ago.  It was designed to prepare the body for meditation by enabling a person to remain seated for long periods of time and to “open” the body so that energy could flow freely through the body during meditation.

Yoga poses are called asanas. Practicing these asanas help us to improve our discipline of the mind, body and breath. They also help us to be more conscious of ourselves and others, the environment around us.

We learn to be a more balanced individual.  We learn to create balance between exertion/pushing and, surrender/allowing… between movement and stillness.  We  move into a more optimal state, we have better balance as a human being.

The word asana means “ease” in Sanskrit.  Through the daily practice of yoga, the mind, body and spirit reach a state of relaxation and ease, that help stimulate the circulation of Prana, or life force.  This increase in Prana, or life force produces a feeling of wholeness, integration, and personal purpose.  When we have a sense of our own unique  personal purpose,  we feel deeply connected to all of life and ourself.   We are able to live in a higher frequency of joy, peace, excitement, and contentment.  Now doesn’t that sound like good stuff?

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