TRAVIS 7 years, post vet

You are a wild woman, right?!  You are independent, self accomplished, stable, self assured, healthy, self aware and a fairly emotionally stable female.  So, you ask yourself, *Why then, do I need to meditate?*  And, *Who actually has 20 minutes to meditate, to sit in quiet reflection every morning and every evening for that long?*

Well I do, and I am here to inspire you and let you know, you can too!  Hi, my name is Melissa Redd, I am the founder of Redd Coaching and PURE Health Retreats.  I have served my community as a Life Coach for 13 years and I have been in the retreat business for 2 years.  I am a meditation teacher and I meditate.  I received my training with Gil Fronsdale at Insight Meditation Center ( in Redwood City, and I put in the actual time, sitting on a pillow, sitting on a chair, or sitting in my meditation nook in my apartment, practicing meditation, practicing silence, practicing grounding.

I can go into the scientific and well documented benefits of meditation such as:

  • Stress Reduction (a decrease in the harmful hormone cortisol, a decrease in the inflammation response of the body)
  • Controls Anxiety (after 8 weeks of meditation, studies show reduced symptoms of phobias, social anxiety, paranoid thoughts, obsessive-compulsive behaviors and panic attacks).
  • Emotional Health (changes in brain activity – the brain shows increases in positive thinking and optimism).
  • Enhanced Self Awareness (developes a stronger understanding of self and how you grow into your best self).
  • Lengthens Attention Span (increases the strength and endurance of your attention).

Healthline, Scientific Based Benefits of Meditation, 7-5-2017

That is all cool and super important, but what I feel is even more relevant is having the practice of meditation in your tool box when you are faced with a personal crisis, when you are faced with a life challenge that is completely colossal and out of your control.  When you are NOT feeling like a Wild Woman, but a helpless CRAZY woman.  THAT is what JUST happened to me last week.  I was faced with a colossal personal crisis.   These are the times when your meditation practice is instrumental, so that you do not have a literal panic attack.

Can you picture man*s best friend, a dog, yes, your dog.  Can you picture the cutest, white puff of a 9 lb. pup?  Can you picture the most adorable, curly, Maltipoo (a combination of Poodle and Maltese), a non-shedding Read the rest of this entry »