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1. Daily Morning Meditation
20 minutes a day, or  the Redd Coaching way, 28 minutes to music,
“Bija” music by Todd Norian is fabulous.  You can find him on Itunes.

The natural way we should feel is:
Gratitude, Love, Self Love, Joy, Awe, and Peace/Calm.

When our brain waves are in a constant state of emergency (out of coherence)
we are in a state called:  high beta brain wave fuction and we feel:
insecurity, fear, judgment, worry, sadness, anger, impatience and disgust.
This is the brain “over aroused”.   When this occurs, our body turns on
stress hormones, which then turn on genes that cause disease.
We esssentially get addicted to our own hormones of stress, we become addicted
to our old stories and our drama…to feel something.
We turn on our genes for sickness, we get sick,  we get colds,  we can gain weight,
we do not sleep well.  If these negative emotions continue to circulate in the forefront or backdrop of our minds, we will get more serious diseases such as auto immune diseases, infections, heart attacks and cancers.

What to do:  Turn your brain waves around, re-set yourself with your morning meditation, daily in the a.m.. When I am working with my one on one clients, I will do it with them in session to help them practice, reherse and train themselves, until the client becomes competent and proficient on their own.
2. The Body is Holy and a Miracle, start treating it that way and believing it. You will start to see huge shifts in your body and life in as short as a week to 30 days.

3. Express your emotions pretty darn quickly.  When you feel angry, sad, worried, etc.
Express it soon, choose the right timing, get calm first and express “it” to whomever you need to have a talk with.  Don’t brush these emotions under the rug.  When you let these
emotions build up, that is what they do, build up… they then turn on the hormones for stress and the genes for disease will follow.   It’s like a domino effect, all starting with your negative thoughts.  You may be completely right in feeling anger, someone may have done something to make you angry.  But, discuss it with them.  Get an agreement that this issue will not occur again with this individual.  If you can’t get an agreement with him or her, choose other friends and colleges to be in your inner circle of life.  Don’t wait, don’t bottle yourself up, or literally you will start to blow up.

4. Don’t act out life’s traumas in your body.  If you don’t get a solid handle on #3,  you will act out life’s traumas in your body, it is sure to happen.  Handle #3, take action and then your body will not act out your life’s traumas, it will not start to breakdown and you will stay healthy and bulletproof.

Much Love and Gratitude,