Melissa Redd purple 1, 4, 2014

Hello Friends,

My mission for you is to be able to decrease the stress, difficulties and trauma in your life, and become more peaceful, productive and happy!

Today we are going to talk about self-care in other words, self love.  I am going to give you 5 tips, that if you put them into place this morning and make them NEW DAILY habits/ (RITUALS), you are going to feel amazing!

Prime yourself each morning with a technique I call “Priming.”
1. Wake up with GRATITUDE, think and visualize 3 things your are truly grateful for.
2. Wake up and say, “Yes, what am I going to CREATE today?” You have the power to create and design your day!
3. Old story, if you are feeling negative, know it is your “Old Story” coming up. Give it 30 seconds, then drop it.
4. Do for another. Ask yourself, “What am I going to do today to help another? Help to relieve Universal suffering.
5. STATE. If you are in a negative state, do a “shake- it off” ritual to change your body and yourself into a POSITIVE STATE. You can also quickly watch a funny joke on YouTube. This will make you laugh, raise your vibration and instantly put you in a POSITIVE STATE. (more on this later:).


Warm Regards,
Melissa Redd

Now..go get it!